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The week had a slow start after a weekend with too less sleep. And the week wasn’t what I hoped it would be running wise. But it is a case in point of a normal week, and a great reminder, that we tend to overestimate our competence.

It was a constant battle between running, some social engagements and the summer heat. Social responsibilities are a good battle to fight, weather not so much. But I still got in some good workouts though.

Here’s how one typical exercise week went! I had a hard time increasing my mileage. It’s the summer and the heat, which is all true, but it does tend to concern you if it goes on for months. So anyway, I’m gradually increasing the mileage.

Rest day

I had plans to go trail running after work, but it was so hot, that it was better to stay inside in the AC. Mother nature won that one and it wouldn’t be the last time this week.

That’s the glory of not being on a training plan? You don’t have to run in miserable weather if you don’t like.

The day of no battles.

After work run with run club for another tasty run. We kept it at around 4 miles since it was so warm.

4.4 miles/40:05/9:19 avg pace

rest day

We ended up staying up little bit too late Tuesday night with an unprepared local beer tasting after run club. That didn’t have a good outcome for an early morning run. Beer night for the win!

Run with a co-worker, then coffee after run.

4.3 miles/38:36/9:11 avg pace

That night was a concert night at the local restaurant, which also lead to a late night, but it was again very worth it (social meetings are most of the time worth it).

rest day

I thought about running after work again, but since thermometer showed so high digits, staying in at air condition won again.

A bike ride

Run club does an annual bike ride every year, and this week was time for that. There were different legs to choose from. Since our bikes are not for long-distance riding, the shortest ride was suitable.

We didn’t start until 10:30, so it was a pretty warm couple of hours on the bike. There were a couple of rather good climbs too, especially the last couple miles getting back to our starting location. The down hills after the climbs were fun.

Considering how little we have been riding with bike, and especially haven’t been riding any hills, and not beeing in bike shape at all, it went pretty easily, and we stayed strong all the way. Actually it was so much fun, that it made us want to ride more.

32.2 miles/in a little over 2 hours of riding

For fuel we had:

– energy drink mixed with a bottle of water, approximately 24 oz per hour

– one protein bar


After sleeping in from the long Saturday, we were so happy to see little bit of clouds in the sky! It was not any fall weather, and it was still hot, but not that hot. So it was time to take advantage of it in a form of late morning run. Legs were a little tight from the bike ride but not too bad. It turned out to be a very nice run with light rain, and having nice time being out, and running with music.

10.1 miles/1:26:27/8:46 avg pace

Totals for the week:

Running – 18.8 miles

Cycling – 32.2 miles

Next weeks plan is to get up to around 35 miles and hopefully having some cycling in again. It just takes a little more preparation, a few less late evenings, and expectedly some cooler temeratures. Excellent time to prioritize healthy stuff every day.

Although it is going to be one more week without any specific exercise plan, the idea is to find a long term way to exercise in a way that makes me feel happy. That is the best way to ensure that you stick with it on our fitness journey.

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