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As I mentioned in a post last year, when I started running I really didn’t want to spend any money. I thought I could get by with whatever workout gear I could scrounge up.

Speaking of running clothes, I hope that my extra weight would finally melt off when I continue running. And I would finally be down at least a size or two and have something to show for it. So far I still refuse to buy new clothes.

But on the other hand, I haven’t refused myself to buy running gear. Maybe it’s one way to motivate myself to run more when I have new running gear on.


Better option to carry a phone

I am not a professional runner, just a passionate runner looking for a better option to carry my phone while on the go.

I like to listen to music and podcasts when I’m running, so my first acquisition was a basic armband to carry my phone. But it couldn’t fit my keys, and it was too bulky as I have a large android phone (I’m an android girl, not an iphone).

A better solution was my tubular PakRat running belt, which I found by searching for reviews through forums and websites.

But when hot summer days came, I started looking for a solution, where I can also carry water with me (I like to run hands-free, so a handheld water bottle is not an option for me). So I decided to purchase Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt. It can carry two water bottles.


Now that I found out that my body can’t stand for longer runs, even 5 milers hurt my body, I’m leaning on shorter exercises. So not that much use for water bottles, and also the weather is getting cooler at the same time.


I wanted to have something that I can just grab and go for a quick run. But I never liked the idea of having something on my arm or hand while running.

I use Syrokan sports bras (they are comfortable, reasonably priced, and they have nice colors), but I don’t want to stick my phone into my bras! And you’re not going to be having deep pockets in your running clothes, so I started looking for something that you can quickly clip on your clothes.


Running Buddy pouch

I stumbled upon a phone pouch, I can clip into my workout clothes. I had been on the lookout for a new way to carry my phone, so I was definitely interested in this product.

The first option I came across was a piece of run gear called Running Buddy. Its design is simple, it just attaches to any clothing you have.



It’s just little Velcro pouch for your credit card, money, whatever bare necessities you’re going to take on the road. There’s a magnetic backing to it so that you can fit one half inside the top of your pants, fold the top over your waistband, and it clips the other half into place with the strong magnets. It’s nice and secure, and it won’t go anywhere.

But I don’t like that material rubbing against my skin, although it is kind of smooth.


Koala Clip vertical poach

Then I found out the Koala Clip, a total game changer in my mind. It is also a phone pouch that clips to your waistband, but you can clip it to your sports bra too. It will do fine on any fitness outfit.



It’s superbly made, high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and hand sewn in Rochester, New York. I don’t see anything that’s not well made about it.


As Buddy Pouch is horizontal, this is vertical. Slip your phone in the pouch, slip the pouch inside the back of your sports bra, and secure in place through a magnetic clip. And one important thing to note, it’s sweat-resistant.

It comes in three sizes, so choose the right size according to your phone and case. The smallest one is larger than a small billfold – it has enough space for smaller phones. Biggest one can even suck a large phone with Otterbox case. For colors, you have six options.

The Koala Clip rests snuggly inside the back of your sports bra. And nobody can see it when you have a tank top covering it.


One problem that I found though. As my arms and elbows are not that flexible, and I have short arms, I’m worried about how I’m able to clip it onto the back of my sports bra. And if I need to take my phone out, how to do that.

Sports bras need to be tight enough to prevent bouncing, and they need to have straps on the upper back so that you reach there to clip the pouch.

And it is better to start using wireless headphones with this one.


I don’t like to keep a water bottle in my hand, as I use my hands to pace my running, and I’m worried about anything affecting my running form, so this is mainly for cooler days and for shorter runs.

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