Why I Started Running

By on Aug 20, 2017 in Running |

Hi there, I’m Patricia and this is my first foray into the blogging world! I have recently taken up running and I thought it would be great motivation to track my progress as I go. I also thought it might be helpful to others to follow along on my journey, as when I first looked into running I didn’t come across too many things that share my perspective. I’m not exactly a fitness guru and all those buff Instagram stars are a little intimidating, right?

Now about me: I’m 35 years old and I have two wonderful little kids who I’m lucky enough to spend my days at home with. As any parents out there know, it can be hard to find a single minute to yourself so when I first had the idea to do all this it definitely seemed a bit crazy!


My number one tip for any stay-at-home mom or dad is to carve out some time each day for yourself.

That brings me to my very first piece of running advice:

Whether you have fifteen minutes or all afternoon, you just have to get out there! Hand the responsibilities over to your partner or a babysitter because getting out the door is the hard part. Once you’ve got that done, all you have to do is go! Initially that is probably going to mean a brisk little walk around the park but over time you can work your way up to full-on running. You just have to make it a routine and stick to it, no matter what life may throw in your way.

Just wait for my next posts as I take my own advice. I’ll tell you all about my very first run and the challenges and victories I encountered. As for now, I think we’ve gotten off on the right foot!

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