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Since the last time I posted, I ran 5 miles without stopping at my new pace – and have run several 3 milers.

3 mile runs are great. I love this distance, it’s not too long, not too short. Just right. Especially for someone with kids at home. I am trying to make 3 miles my running routine and habit.


Running is a superb way to stay fit, stay healthier and build new relationships with different runners. Running is a great sport which never bores you.

But to stay fit, you have to have some kind of exercise routine. And that’s the part where I’m constantly lacking.



Running is among the few sporting activities that don’t require a lot of gear. Proper shoes, and something to carry your phone with you, and you are good to go. If you are running in the night, then something to make yourself visible.

That’s what made me start running. It was so easy to start.


Running is among the ideal butt-kicking, calorie-blasting workouts around. It is by far one of the greatest types of exercise to burn calories.

Yes, it is ideal, and I wish, that if I keep running regularly, the weight would finally melt off. My weight-loss journey hasn’t been one of those fantastic stories you see on television, like in The Biggest Loser, where the pounds just magically melt off. Oh no.


How to begin and how to keep going

So, running is among the best kinds of exercise for losing weight.

Make sure to incorporate some kind of intervals into your training. Look for walk/run programs, that give you flexibility based on your weekly schedule, and are easy to start with.

Perhaps you’ve already given up on the thought of training. It’s is so easy to give up, because you don’t see much progress during the first weeks.

When we start something new into our lives, like a hobby or a new skill, it seems so fresh and fascinating. We get overly excited at the beginning.


As those positive emotions start to settle down, we stumble on a rockier path with mixed feelings that hinder our journey, often leading to a dead end.


A vital part of achieving your fitness goals is to keep a level head and focus on what you want to do.

It is a lifestyle, not just a gym session. If you want to work on your fitness, running, and yoga, you might want to look at reviewing your diet along with your exercise routine.

Fitness doesn’t need to be complicated. A healthy lifestyle is something that everyone can do. But to keep that healthy lifestyle, you need to work for it.

I’m so frustrated because my exercises aren’t showing the results I hoped for.

If you want to be more fit, look at what those people who are fit do differently. If you’re going to lose weight, look at what those who are skinnier do differently.

We all individuals are different. Therefore exercise routine is a matter of personal option. Additionally, it’s challenging to understand what type of exercise you should even be doing. Too excessive amount of training for a beginner isn’t getting you anywhere, and your enjoyment to continue the activities will fade.

Even if your purpose isn’t to develop into a super strong runner, strength training is essential to run injury free and enhance your stability.


Reminding myself why I started

Just to remind myself why I run, here is the big picture of the benefits of running 🙂

  1. Running helps depression
  2. Running develops memory
  3. Running is the best friend for your heart
  4. Running keeps the blood pressure down
  5. Running reduces cancer risk

And much more, like running has also been shown to help prevent and reduce diseases, like diabetes, cancer and digestive issues.

Running also has helped me to lessen headaches! I like to do a slow walk/runs in fresh air to clear my head.


Something good

Knee problems are common, and my good friend had those. First, she blamed it on running, as knee problems and running are often connected together. Yes, there is a connection, but only if the running position and stroke are not optimal.

She found out that she had a bad posture with the help of a running coach. Also, improper running shoes are to blame. It took some time to get used to a new running form, and to new shoes, but now she’s running better than never before 🙂

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