Adventures in Running

By on Sep 8, 2017 in Running |

Hi, Patricia again. I’ve never been what one could call slender, but now, at 35, after my second angel was born, well, you know.

I looked around and it came to me that aside from TV models, most of us in this country are overweight. Way overweight. Has UK become a kingdom of fatties 🙂

I looked at some of the diet programs we see every day on TV. The more we eat of a certain diet product, the more weight we lose. What a wonder! Diet idea wasn’t really too appealing. Spending money on special diets I didn’t trust, seemed overall like a pretty lame idea.

I googled around about new exercise programs and those new all-night gyms, but I didn’t like the idea exercising only inside, and the commute to gym takes time. Running doesn’t require a commute! I found lot’s of good reasons why running is better than gym.


I came across, with the help of Google, great advice about running for exercise. I checked out running shoes and found that some of them run nearly $300! But there are plenty of choices for much much less. I won’t mention the shoes I finally chose from the sale of local store, but they’re comfortable enough and don’t hurt my feet. They cost less than $50.

And I don’t need to be out alone on the hiking trail by the river near our home… since my husband has to watch the kids, I rely on Toby. Toby’s a pretty good size black retriever and having him along beside me offers a lot of comfort.

So, wearing old shorts, and a shirt, I had lying about along with my new $50 shoes I set out and began my jogging adventures…

The first outing was something a little bit embarrassing…


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