2019 – my word will be Strong

By on Jan 5, 2019 in Running |

2019 will be stronger year Last year, my word for the year was Joy. I tried to be Joyful of and in everything. I know I didn’t succeed as much as I would have liked, but that’s ok! My goal was to strive to be Joyful! And I’m pretty sure I at least succeeded in that! This year I’ve picked my word to be Strong 🙂 I want to become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually! I am already planning on doing more cross-training, which will hopefully make me stronger physically! I will also be starting my running training back up and just doing my own plan of trying to increase my mileage each week! I have a few races in mind and need to become half ready asap. I will have to become Strong to leave my child on a daily basis to go to a new job! I will start a job as a dental hygienist this month! I am really excited about this! I will also have to be Strong to get my...

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