2019 – my word will be Strong

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2019 will be stronger year

Last year, my word for the year was Joy.

I tried to be Joyful of and in everything. I know I didn’t succeed as much as I would have liked, but that’s ok! My goal was to strive to be Joyful! And I’m pretty sure I at least succeeded in that!

This year I’ve picked my word to be Strong 🙂

I want to become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually!

I am already planning on doing more cross-training, which will hopefully make me stronger physically!

I will also be starting my running training back up and just doing my own plan of trying to increase my mileage each week! I have a few races in mind and need to become half ready asap.

I will have to become Strong to leave my child on a daily basis to go to a new job! I will start a job as a dental hygienist this month! I am really excited about this!

I will also have to be Strong to get my workouts in before I go to work each morning! Like, I’ll need to wake up at 5 and workout before the sun comes up! It will be crazy, but I’m already preparing my brain for it! And you know most of working out is mental anyway, so I’ve got to prepare my mind!! 🙂

I’ll become Strong with the Health of my family! We are getting back to eating better after the holidays! Having my new essential oils will also help in becoming healthy!! I am very excited to dive deeper into that world and use my oils for everything!! 🙂

I also want to become Stronger in relationships! I try to be a good mom, good wife, constantly thinking about weightloss and what I’m putting in my face, and when I will fit my next workout in. When I’m getting up extra early to workout, I would like to incorporate a meditation time in there before the family wakes up!

So there you have it! My goals for 2019 have been incorporated with my word Strong!

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