2018 is almost over… New Year coming, with new beginnings

By on Dec 22, 2018 in Running |

I cannot believe that it is almost Christmas – that 2018 is almost over… This year did not turn out how I anticipated at the fitness/weight loss game. I just comprehended that if I kept up this running and these workouts, the weight would finally melt off. And I would finally be down at least a size or 2 and have something to show for it. Instead, I’m heavier, running less (for various reasons), and still refuse to buy new clothes. I just know that eventually, I will lose that weight. I want to say that 2019 will be the year! I will run more! Lift more weights! Do more crosstraining! Eat less of whatever it is that is keeping me from losing weight. Eat more of whatever makes me more healthy. But I’m afraid I have to say: I failed in 2018. I did not run my half marathons. I did not run 800 miles as I had planned. I barely made it to 500. Instead, I didn’t...

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