1. The Fat Girls’ Guide to Running

Quote from the blog: “I almost died on the way round, and not only due to the unusual strain on my body, but also from pure embarrassment when a young boy shouted “Run Fatty Run” as I passed him.”

2. Lazy Girl Running

Quote from the blog: “I wanted to run. I wanted to be the person I saw on TV running down a beach carefree. It looked so easy. I could do that, right? A trip to the gym made me think otherwise. Running was HARD. Everything hurt. Everything felt wrong. I managed just two minutes of running before I had to stop.

But many miles down the line running stopped being something difficult and started being enjoyable.”

3. Maria Runs – Running, baking, tea, chocolate…

Quote from the blog: “I have a tendency to ramble a lot, so I will also blog about baking, yoga, the marathon talk podcast, and other topics that take my fancy.”

4. A Healthier Moo

Quote from the blog: “I first started running back in 2011 as a way to meet people in the area and absolutely fell in love with the freedom and break it gave me from my busy work life.  I loved that I could set myself personal goals to achieve and work towards those independently.”

Running blogs that I follow

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