Today I’d like to touch on something a little personal and I hope my fellow parents out there can relate. When I first started running I really didn’t want to spend any money and so I thought I could get by with whatever workout gear I could scrounge up. After all, running is a great way to work out for free and since I’m not spending money on a gym membership, who do I need to impress with matching workout clothes and trendy runners?

Those of you with kids know that it’s all too easy to always avoid putting yourself first. Well, sometimes you just have to make an investment in yourself. So I did put down that stained t-shirt and went for shopping!

One reason it’s really important to make sure you start out with the right gear is that you can cause an injury. Take my old shoes, for instance (the ones that I had before these that I use now). Now, I have pretty flat feet but I thought it didn’t matter what gym or running shoes I used so long as they laced up. A few shin splints later and let me tell you, it matters. Ill-fitting shoes caused me a whole world of discomfort and really, running is hard enough without making things more difficult for no reason. Flat feet require a specific type of support and stability that I just wasn’t getting from my beat-up shoes.

I realized that it is possible to choose better shoes for my specific foot shape when I did a little bit of research. I couldn’t get to the mall to shop in person – no way was I dragging my kids around a bunch of stores, I’d never be able to try any shoes on! With a little bit of searching and after a couple of hours wandering around internet I found some shoes that would better fit my needs and my budget. I wound up looking at these:

Problem solved!

Running has been ten times easier ever since, I really didn’t know the unnecessary strain I was putting myself. I hope this motivates me to run a little bit more.

Once you get past the physical difficulties of your first run, it’s important to be in the right mindset. Simple, clean and well-fitted, and god looking, running clothing can make all the difference. Comfort is so important and I’ve learned that not only is it possible to look better, I feel better too.



The Bare Necessities for Beginners

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